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Breed History

Belgian Blue Cattle originated in the small European country of Belgium. While today, Belgian Blue Cattle are their own fullblood registered breed, their roots can be traced back to the crossing of Durham Shorthorns and Friesian cattle.

Initially, the Belgian Blue was developed for both milk and meat production.


After the World War II, a high demand for quality and quantity of high retail cuts of meat accelerated the development of Belgian Blue Cattle in a more heavily muscled direction.


Today, we see the results of 150 years of work to produce a structurally correct and sound, docile in temperament, fertile in breeding and above all the ultimate beef machine


Characteristics of Belgian Blues

  • Extraordinary Muscle Development Naturally No Hormones, No Steroids

  • Early Maturity

  • Extremely Docile Nature

  • Excellent Feed Conversion

  • Short Gestation Length

  • Ease of Calving in Crossbreeding

  • Hardy Calves

  • Adaptability to Different Climates

  • High Yielding Carcass

  • Tender Lean MeatHeart Healthy Beef

  • Naturally Lower in Fat & Cholesterol than Skinless Chicken Breast

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